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Be the Real You not a New You!

New Year – New You? NO WAY! I don’t go for this mantra of “New Year, New You” While I know it’s full of optimism and positivity and healthy intentions, I also know that the core driver for this desire is usually a deep rooted limiting belief. These limiting beliefs are based on old core beliefs formed when we were young and our minds were juvenile “I’m not good enough” “I’m not worthy” “I’m not lovable.” you don’t need replacing! You are beautiful, flawsome & worthy – just as YOU!

You don't need a make over! The only thing you truly need is to deepen your love for yourself. That's to be your new year resolution. And that may mean that you do want to move your body more because it's good for your body, not a punishment for indulging. Loving yourself may mean you want to eat differently -not to deny yourself but to nourish your body to be healthy.

The core of your wellness is liking yourself, really liking yourself just like you like your close friends or your pet! Yes that’s a powerful way of thinking about self love & acceptance. Think of someone you love deeply. Think about how you would feel if you heard your loved one say “I’m so disgusted with myself, I just don’t exercise, I’m so lazy” you would correct them by responding with “You’re busy it’s hard to get started. Don’t be so hard on yourself”. You would then kindly encourage them to think about how they could get into being more actively and explore with them the activities they enjoy doing. Now can you see what is going on here? You are showing compassion and love to your loved one. You want them to exercise so that they enjoy themselves and are well not as a

form of punishment for a flaw> And let’s face it we are all flawed that being human. So this is how you are to behave towards yourself, if you did you wouldn’t set yourself intentions that are driven by contempt or dislike. If you want to read more on growing your own self compassion, visit a leading psychologist’s website on this: Definition and Three Elements of Self Compassion | Kristin Neff (

This year, release those limiting beliefs, invest in yourself so that you can fully accept yourself and love yourself. When you do th

is, you will live the life you want and be at peace with yourself. You will make new year resolutions that serve your wellness and enjoyment of life. Email me for a free 30 minute coaching chat to explore this opportunity more. I’m excited for you!

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