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Fab Books for Gifts

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Needs ideas for Gifts? Have you considered a fabulous personal growth book?

Do you want to give a loved one a thoughtful gift? Do you want the gift to say that you think they are amazing and deserve the best in life? Well then I recommend a personal growth book as the ideal gift. Such a gift enables the receiver to engage with it in the best way for them, read it all or read it in dribs and drabs. It can be an uplifting and positive, a mood boosting book which reminds the receiver how much they are loved by you. Such books are a great way to show empathy and compassion too and tell someone you really care for them. Whenever I receive the gift of a book I’m so grateful and excited because I know this gift will give me more than I can imagine. I also know that the giver has thought about giving me something that I will be able to “experience” not just “have”. The receiver will appreciate your thoughtfulness on how they will be a better person for your gift. We all want to be happy and well in ourselves so when our loved ones support us in this goal, we feel truly loved.

Books are a great gift because it’s something that the reader can go back to time and time again, it’s a gift that “keeps on giving” as they say! Reading gives us great mental space to be ourselves, learn and grow in our own personal lives. Every time they pick up the book, they will remember you and feel good about you being in their lives. Here I’ve included a list of books I’ve read or re-read in 2020. I would love you to add more to this list so email me with any that you have read and think others should know about. My email is at the end of the blog. Here’s my latest list:

Five Steps to Happiness – Enda Murphy

One of the most down to earth and easy to implement cognitive Behavioural Therapy self help books I’ve ever read. Well worth a buy and a read!

Open by Frankie Bridger

A very easy read for anyone and definitely a young adult who wants to gain a more personal insight into the experience of anxiety & depression. Frankie’s psychologist and psychiatrist provides educational commentary too.

Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

A brilliant book that encourages us all to have the courage to be vulnerable & transform how we life, love, parent and lead. This is a very inspiring and empowering read.

The Gifts of Imperfections – Brene Brown

Another practical book on how to accept ourselves fully and accept ourselves fully and view ourselves as worthy. Another great book by Brene.

How to Grow to Grown Up – Dr Dominique Thompson and Fabienne Vailes

A fantastic parenting book for anyone who has children from aged 11 upwards. Very well informed read about what it is like for young people in our society today and how adults can support them to navigate their ways through the teenage years. Here’s the link to buying the book right now: Books | Flourishing Education

The book you wish your parents had read – Philippa Perry

Philippa writes in a very engaging way and I thought she was speaking directly to me! Her theme is relationship building and recognising the child in the relationship is an effective frame of thinking

The invisible Revolution - Nicola Huelin

A business coaching book that is readable by all dreaming, thinking of starting their own business or just wanting to strengthen their business. The book is very accessible and gives so much brilliant advice and is also a very positive, inspiring read. It’s even been dubbed as “business school in a book.” Here’s the link to order it now: Business School in a book for mums (

The Gift – Dr Edith Eger

This is her second book which offers practical suggestions to help us all be more aware of our insecurities and how we can let go of these so we can be happier and more content in ourselves.

The Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters

A few years old now but such a useful read for all of us and helps us have better self awareness of why we stop ourselves from being the erosion we want to be.

The Silent Guides – Prof Steve Peters

This book is very good for helping us all understand our unhealthy habits and how we can shift our thoughts so that we can serve ourselves better with more reasoned thinking.

Love in Love out – Dr Malie Coyne

A compassionate, grounded approach to supporting parents and any adults how are helping children to handle intense anxious feelings.

Ikagi – Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

A brief overview of the Japanese philosophy to living a long and happy life. A thought provoking read for anyone who wants to slow down and savour life more.

Mindset – Dr Carol Dweck

A classic book now but it’s the foundations of having a growth mindset and as it says on the front how you can fulfil your potential.

The Flourishing Student – Fabienne Vailes

Every teacher, tutor & lecturer would benefit from reading this as well as any teenager, young adult who is studying and wants to thrive in the world of academic learning. Again, the link to buy it is here for you: Books | Flourishing Education

Dirtbirds’ Self Help Guide – Sue Collins & Sinead Culbert

Last but definitely not least! This is a true tonic for us all! A humorous, tongue in cheek read about modern life, relationships, parenting. Will make you and your loved ones howl with laughter – a must for us all!

Check out my useful resources feature on my website for another list of great personal growth reads that you will enjoy yourself or will be a great gift for some in your life: @Helennearycoaching | Linktree Or if you want something more specific, just email me and I will give you a personalised suggestion;

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