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I'm a compassion champion who will support you to overcome

psychological barriers & make real change that matters to you

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My story

As a coaching psychologist, I have worked with many different clients - young and old! Many of my clients have described me as their cheerleader, which I love as I believe it perfectly describes the essence of what I do. I connect and inspire my clients everyday whilst giving them the tools and encouragement to achieve any goal they set for themselves. Gaining more self acceptance and self belief is a must at any age and I know this first hand.  As a teenager, I worried A LOT and lacked confidence but luckily I had someone who gave me a compassionate space where I grew into myself and who I wanted to be.  This is why I do what I do as a coach. I want everybody to have this experience and to become their true self.  

My coaching aligns with my deep passions; connecting people to their authentic selves through purposeful conversations. One core element of my work is supporting young people to achieve their academic potential and assessment success. Other core areas of my work are mental heath and emotional wellbeing coaching and working with parents to enable them to grow their own confidence & deepen family connections.


 My career has been varied: consultancy work, teaching and a range of managerial roles before launching my own business. I've faced change at many times in my life and these times of transition have enabled me to grow deeply. I love seeing my clients move forward in their lives, gaining curiosity and excitement for their future living.



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